Im alten Berliner Künstlerbezirk Friedenau gehörte die kreative Verbindung von Wohnen, Arbeit und Lebensstil zum Gründungsgedanken des um die Jahrhundertwende entstandenen südwestlichen Stadtbezirks zwischen Schöneberg und Steglitz. Im Vierraumladen wird diese Tradition aufgenommen und weitergeführt.
In Fußnähe (5 Minuten) zu den S-Bahnhöfen der Linie 1, S-Friedenau und S-Feuerbachstraße, ist der Vierraumladen Ihre Alternative für Ausstellungen und Präsentationen, Seminare und Workshops sowie als Showroom und Filmkulisse. In ruhiger Atmosphäre und gehobener Ausstattung finden Sie vielfältige Möglichkeiten für Ihre Veranstaltungen und Projekte.

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Ways of looking




Opening Reception: TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7th , 2017 – 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Rosaspina Buscarino, Beth Charles, Michael. E Crawford,
Boris Duhm, Irene Gronwall, Susi Lamarca, Olga Loschinina
Marta Matushita, Paolo Nicola Rossini. 

curated by Stefania Carrozzini

In a world so overwhelmed with visual stimuli we are surrounded by many voices and images that competing for our attention. It’s a wonder how we can filter out any sense, especially given our near-continuous interactions with the internet and the twenty-four hour new stream. More then ever before, looking is become a crucial point for human beings and for their survival, only the strongest image then can capture our attention. Our time and attention are very limited, so many distractions are all over, and the risk is to loose our focus on the reality and even forget our breath.

Contemporary art, like contemporary life is now a similarly fast moving landscape, rich of multisensory ways of approaching art. Even a simple eye contact with today’s art can be difficult.
The intent of this exhibition is to offer the opportunity, through different expressive languages, to try to reset our mnemonic images and to open our eyes to a new visual and personal resonance with art. Our relationship with a work of art is more important then all meanings and messages then the artist was striving for. It’s the starting point for go to the next level and searching for significance and substance.

The artists re-created and reinvented intriguing images which bring the viewer to approach each single piece as if it were our first experience with that format, be it a photograph, a painting, a video or a sculpture.

The contemporary life as well as the contemporary art are a jungle so to understand the art it is necessary to make tabula rasa, a ground zero of all information, thinking that our mind’s eye is a white canvas ready for all possible meanings and start a refresh new way of looking.

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Exhibition organized in collaboration with MyMicroGallery, Milan, Italy by Stefania Carrozzini

Exhibition organized in collaboration with MyMicroGallery, Milan, Italy by Stefania Carrozzini

Digitale Abstraktionen, Collagen, Malerei


Ständige Ausstellung im Vierraumladen